Efficiency of Buildings



Illumination LED
Replacement of old lighting fixtures with new products that take advantage of the LED technology.

Modernizing public lighting
The modernization or the construction of a plant for efficient public lighting, is a savings for the community because it reduces the energy bill of your City and indirectly the energy cost does not fall on the city.

Solar thermal collectors
(replacement of the existing and / or new installation)
With the solar collectors can integrate traditional heating systems for domestic hot water and save energy through the use of renewable sources.

Condensing boilers or heat pumps
(replacing the existing and / or new installation)
Choose boilers more energy efficient to reduce methane consumption and emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. You will save on your bill and you will contribute to protecting the environment.

Inverters and pumping systems
(replacement of the existing and / or new installation)

Installation of electronic systems innovative adjustment of frequency (inverter) in electric motors operating on pumping systems with power less than 22 Kw.

Replacement of single glazing
(only replace existing)
The Glass surfaces represent a major source of heat loss in our buildings. Change your old windows for a guaranteed savings.

Wall insulation and roofing
isolating your walls and roof will reduce consumption of gas / diesel oil and the pollution they release into the atmosphere.




• Reduction of energy consumption
• Plant new modernized at no cost
• Zero maintenance expenses,
because in load to the proposer

• Public
• Condominiums and private

• Industry
• Trade
• Other service activities