Intervention Incentive

For those who make energy efficiency measures, be they individuals, sole traders and professionals, group practices, companies and commercial companies, non-commercial entities, non-profit associations and condominiums, tax resident in Italy in accordance with the legislation in force, you can access to incentives.

Are encouraged interventions on:
1. Boilers detached 4 stars below 35 kW
2. Heat pumps conditioners
3. Solar thermal collectors for hot water
4. wall insulation and roofing
5. Modernization of public lighting
6. Replacing water heaters Electric water heaters with natural gas
7. Replacement of single glazing
8. Inverter in pumping systems
9. Electric motors
10. Flow Control
11. Photovoltaic <20 kw
12. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
13. Heating and biomass