A contribution to Energy Efficiency



The Street Lighting services is a sector in which energy efficiency can have a significant impact on the environment with a view to improving the environmental performance for Local Authorities, to lower expenditure on an item that represents a burden for municipalities quite high compared to the overall budget.
The intervention consists into the modernization of Street Lighting in the total load of the proposers.

Modernization is synonymous with:

  • • Plant efficient
  • • Reduction in fuel consumption and therefore less cost to the public
  • • A modernized plant is a plant for a few years without maintenance costs
  • • A new image on the work and decisions of the Administration



 • Diagnostics of obsolescence of the electricity network and systems
• Analysis of the characteristics of light and lighting levels
• Technological innovation for the:

• improving the quality of service
• energy saving point of view of cost reduction
• reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases
• reduction of light pollution
• supply of energy / energy consulting
• computerized management / labeling luminous centers
• call center / hotline

The proposed project-specific Street Lighting offered to local authorities and in particular to the municipalities is composed of some of the aforementioned services and in particular includes the supply, at no charge to the body, the material needed technological modernization of the light sources existing on the plants.
The promoters after receiving the commitment to the project by the institutions concerned, perform a feasibility study analyzing point by point, the current situation of the installation, in particular, will be analyzed the lighting, optics and light sources installed therein (the study remains the property of the promoters).
Downstream of this study which provides among other things in addition to the census of computerized systems (mapping and reporting) the classification of roads under the UNI 11248: 2012 with lighting calculations and checks, promoters predispose the batch of material needed for the energy upgrading of existing centers bright with new accessories required electrical power of the new lamps, the supply of high-efficiency lamps, new optical and where necessary new street lighting and street furniture.

 The only commitment to the Entity participating in the project is the installation of the equipment provided for in the study design. For such activities promoters can do load install the materials needed technological modernization of the light sources recovering the costs incurred in the years following the intervention with the sharing of the energy savings obtained through the same intervention. In this way the ESCo promoters, guarantee 100% of the initiative without engaging the administration financially, while ensuring an energy and cost savings with the reduction of costs in the bill but at the same time even with the reduction in operating costs on maintenance ordinary.