Condition the buildings with the sun

The Solar Cooling, whose general principle of operation is the production of cooling from a heat source. In all countries has been detected a strong growth in demand for cooling and air conditioning in buildings and there is a continuous increase in the coming decades. The reasons are both requests for summer comfort is always higher and the increase in average temperatures due to the slow change in climatic conditions. Usually, and in general, we resort to summer conditioning of environments by means of air-conditioning systems with compression refrigerating machines supplied with electricity, the main cause of the increase of the peak demand of electric power in the warm periods, that in many cases reaching the capacity limit of the networks. The emission of greenhouse gases, which grows with energy production or the loss of refrigerants, further exacerbates the vicious cycle linked to climate change.



The Solar Cooling, plant is a particular technique that uses hot water produced by solar thermal collectors, high-performance, to produce chilled water or air conditioning at no cost. The cold water thus produced is used in buildings as a means for conditioning environments. The installation of solar cooling uses little energy from other sources to operate. It allows you to get potential from 10 kW to several megawatts in cold, consuming only little electricity for the circulation of cold fluid distribution inside the building. The real power comes from the sun continuously and quantitatively. Each of these systems includes one or more thermal storage of hot water ( directly heated by solar collectors ) that feed the absorption groups. The absorption groups are able to provide cooling energy, in fact using the input hot water at a temperature close to 100 ° C provide output, thanks to the natural hygroscopicity of some salts present in them, a water temperature around to 7 ° C, particularly suitable for any hydronic system.

The Solar Cooling systems are quiet, reliable, require little maintenance as they have few moving parts, they consume very little electricity, and of course ensure high environmental sustainability as they have the added advantage of using harmless working fluids, such as ‘ water. In addition to being environmentally friendly, meet the criteria of high energy efficiency and can be used alone or integrated with traditional air conditioning systems, to improve comfort inside buildings.

Two aspects are crucial for the reliable operation of a solar cooling system; The first is the planning stage. At the base require scrupulous projects based on the characteristics of each building and its intended use. The second aspect is the choice of components, which guarantee high performance and reliability over time. In fact, a solar cooling system made ​​in a workmanlike manner, not only can guarantee huge amounts of free energy for air conditioning, but it can ensure the same way as the heating in winter and at the same time meet the needs of all even annual water hot water of a building. So the Solar Cooling goes perfectly with large buildings such as homes, accommodation (hotels and restaurants), shopping malls, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers, sports centers, sports arenas, airports and so on. Also do not neglect the various applications that this technology can also be reserved in the industrial field of process cycles, in the food industry and in the manufacturing industry.

Trust in our company means relying on a staff of highly skilled operators, with a total knowledge of the possibilities offered by energy Solar Cooling. Our designs are characterized by a careful choice of materials, in fact, in collaboration with major Italian companies, we group the best components for the realization of complete systems for solar cooling. Therefore, companies that intend to build a solar cooling system guarantee initial technical advice, support to design, supply products, on-site assistance during the installation by qualified personnel, pre-and post-sales, warranty, reliability and ultimate satisfaction.

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