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Efficienza Energia: a ‘leading company certified for energy services.
Among the few Energy Service Company operates throughout Italy for public and private entities.

“Efficienza Energia”: two related terms that indicate an ‘energy consulting company, which operates in the industrial, services and domestic, based in Galatina (in the province of Lecce). The company offers a wide range of services for energy saving and environmental protection, with the primary goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption through energy-efficient buildings, thanks to the growing use of renewable energy sources. And in this area, the company has been a pioneer of Salento, since it has been operating since 2010, almost from the dawn of energy efficiency. The projects and measures to be supported, or which carry advising located throughout Italy and come from industry, the service sector (public administration, business, farms, offices) or other end users. While keeping in fact its registered and operating in Galatina, the company operates on national soil and now started an international promoting its services abroad (Romania, Qatar and the Middle East). Acceded to his campaigns over 100 municipalities of the regions of Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Molise, and many companies, especially in South Italy for which provides consulting for energy efficiency of public and private buildings. And ‘certified UNI EN ISO 9001 (for quality management requirements) and is one of the few ESCo. (Energy Service Company) in Italy to have obtained the UNI EN 11352, its companies operating in the energy services sector, taking upon himself the economic risk of the initiative. Currently are well over 150 projects submitted on which he earned savings. And one of the initiatives in the field recording that contribute to the energy efficiency of public administration. In fact, this sector can significantly affect the environment. The intervention consists in the modernization of the public lighting with lower fuel consumption and therefore less cost to the public, lower maintenance costs and a new image of the work and the choices of the ‘Administration. Another important axis of intervention is given by the economic contribution recognized maintainers, small businesses or public administrations for interventions since 2005. The company also carries out consultancy for access to the incentives of the thermal account, tax deductions, trades on electronic platforms white certificates (or Energy Efficiency Certificates), green certificates and CO2 quotas (emissions trading system).