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The Wind Generator

The small Maia wind turbine is an integrated and self-sustaining system for the production of electrical energy. Maia is a product completely MADE IN ITALY, with a captivating design, whose forms and shapes have been designed to minimize visual impact and to maximize

energy payback.

Maia is available in different sizes and is the ideal solution to the needs of:

  • Domestic users (grid tie)
  • Isolated users (islanding)
  • Farms
  • Small investors
“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to every body . ” Henry Ford

At your Home

Generous Maia develops the necessary energy to satisfy the energy needs of your family and can be connected at stand-alone or on grid and can take advantage of the nationwide incentive if this is present in your country. Nice Maia is the result of a modern and essential Italian design, which associated with its small dimensions, makes it also aesthetically pleasant. Noiselles Maia has a sound spectrum suitable for urban contexts.  Versatily Maia is designed for urban contexts: you can easily install it on the roof of your house, on the terrace or in the garden. Easy Maia is geared towards easiness of assembly, to ergonomics, to reducing the number of components and can be mounted without mechanical equipment and specific tools.


Technology & Safety

Maia is a newly developed product which concentrates technology, efficiency and reliability on a small wind turbine but with great performances.

Maia is the first small wind turbine with npitch control designed to be activated with the lowest wind conditions, to regulate itself toward the position of maximum efficiency and to keep itself in safety conditions in case of excessive wind.

The wind turbine generator is built in accordance with the specific directives of the sector (EN61400-2). Particular attention is paid to the requirements of the machinery directive, low voltage directive and electromagnetic compatibility.

Maia has been submitted to aerodynamic tests, electrical test s and to mechanical resistance tests.

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The designing components have been subjected to FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation and effort calculation up till the first wind class. Maia is the first small wind turbine subjected to a full endurance test to verify performance in all conditions and to validate the reliability over time. The blades are made with a special patented manufacturing process in fibreglass and carbon fiber monocoque structure: the best in lightness and strength.

The alternator has a direct drive PMG Rare Heart NiFeBo with 22 poles that guarantees the best performance in a wide speed range.

Security, Reliability, Efficiency.



Maia is complemented by an interesting set of accessories that reflect Interwind’s philosophy to minimize installation costs.

  • Folding tower cod. 70, height of 12 meters, suitable for ground installation, available with the kit.
  • Supporting trestle cod. 50, height of 9 meters, suitable for installation on roofs and terraces, available with the kit.
  • Preassembled electrical panel kit.
  • Remote LAN or GSM data acquisition kit.
  • Off-grid system, available with the kit.



Wind Farms

Make your own wind farm with a multiinstallation Interwind solution: ideal for those who want to invest without risk. The multi-installation system, based on a modular concept, can be installed progressively; with a small economic exposure you can evaluate the quality of the site and therefore the investment that you are going to develop.

Our technical office will assist you in any way in order to better suite to your specific needs.

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