White Certificates

In Italy, the incentive tools that act on taxation and the creation of the market are diverse, including the energy efficiency certificates (TEE) also called white certificates, represent today one of the most potentially effective interventions aimed to increase efficiency energy and at the same time to develop to the energy services sector and materials industry with innovative technologies. The TEE born from the need to comply with the Kyoto Protocol and the European policy 20-20-20 (-20% CO2 emissions, -20% consumption through energy efficiency, renewable energy + 20%) by 2020, so efficiency measures allow a significant reduction in energy consumption and therefore reduce emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The TEE are certificates issued by the Authority (Authority for Electricity and Gas) as a result of interventions aimed at achieving reductions in the consumption of electricity and / or gas. Cost savings from efficiency gains in energy are measured in TOE (Tons of Oil Equivalent) each TEP saved corresponds to a TEE. The heart of the mechanism is the responsibility of a particular actor, the gas distribution firms and / or electricity, which are seen assigned a goal of improving energy efficiency to be achieved at the end customers. In fact within the distribution concessions are no measures for increasing energy efficiency to end the second quantitative targets set by the DM 20/7/04 and DM 21/12/2007. Distribution firms become “obligated parties”. Not all distributors are covered by the obligation of the achievement of the target, but only those who have a park of end customers – gas or electricity – more than the number of 50,000 units. To achieve its objective, distributors must acquire the TEE or white certificates and may, alternatively or in combination, in different ways: making themselves or through subsidiaries, with end users, interventions can generate securities equal to the objective assigned; leaving that operations are carried out by other entities, such as Energy Service Company credited “SSE” or Energy Service Company “ESCO”, and acquiring their titles to them recognized; acquiring the titles in the bag, that is on the market specially organized by the Electricity Market Operator “GME”.